In its Vienna meeting of 28-30/06/06, the Monitoring Committee for the Euro-Mediterranean S&T Cooperation in RTD, also named the Barcelona RTD Committee (MoCo), has welcome the proposal of the European Commission to include as an activity of the INCO Program within the Capacities program of FP7 an INCO-Net coordination platform for selected target areas, including the Mediterranean Partners Countries (MPC).

These coordination platforms aim to bring together policy makers and stakeholders of MPCs and EU countries in the framework of the dialogue structured through the MoCo. This proposed project, Mediterranean Innovation and Research Co-ordination Action (acronym: MIRA), aims to create a dialogue and action platform to identify common interests in research areas, set-up S&T priorities and supporting capacity building activities. MIRA will promote actions in order to monitor, develop, promote and contribute to the creation of synergies among the different cooperation S&T programs between the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs) and the member states of the EU, and foster the participation of the MPC in the Framework Programme.

The present Coordination Action (CA) aims at developing the objectives of the INCO-Net Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) action by, among others:

  1. Creating a dialogue platform using the state of the art of the ICT technologies, which will enable the discussion between relevant stakeholders from both sides of the Mediterranean to improve the S&T cooperation by, among other means, connecting and facilitating the interaction between the dispersed S&T cooperation initiatives already existing supported by the Member States, the European Commission and other political bodies;
  2. Addressing training activities to improve the quality of the participation and management of the partners of FP7 from the MPC;
  3. Creating discussion platforms and organizing meetings to monitor and discuss the content of the Thematic priorities of FP7 in term of the common interest of the EU and MPC;
  4. Creating an Observatory of the EU-MPC S&T cooperation, which will agree indicators for the monitoring of RTD cooperation activities;
  5. Creating networks of research institutions and technological transfer services from both sides of the Mediterranean, to support strategic collaboration and provide a reference element for the development of the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space. All these activities are aimed at providing a strong institutional basis for the EU-MPC S&T cooperation.


Federico Ruggieri, EUMEDGRID-Support Project Coordinator, has been invited to the MIRA meeting in Tunis (June 2010) and from that meeting a list of potential synergies have been prepared. The Italian representative in MIRA, Marilena Rossano (CNR), made a presentation on MIRA project at the EUMEDGRID-Support meeting in Rome (November 2010).

A Memorandum of Understanding between the two projects is under preparation.

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